Owlet Care

Experience Design


Owlet Care, one of the top companies in the first R/GA Accelerator, is a baby monitor for the connected age. By measuring vital signs and alerting parents of any issues through an iPhone App, new parents can have piece of mind.
As the experience designer, I was responsible for creating the holistic structure and designing the interactions for the application. 



To create a meaningful product that will enrich the lives of the parents, we created moodboards to define the look and feel of the app. As a result of these explorations we came to the conclusion that the app should express itself with the same feeling as parents would get when looking down on their kids, having that trustworthy, fuzzy feeling.



After setting up the look and feel, we've defined three pillers the app will be based on. To comfort the users the app will be based on a central screen which will pulsate to indicate activity but only notify the user when action is required. This enables the parents to see the status of their kids in a glance, but keeping them in their comfort zone. Swiping up or down will expose more detailed information about the kid, such as the usage history and current oxygen and bloodlevel.

By minimising the information to chunk-bite size and minimizing the amount of interactions, the app expresses itself as a glanceable, quick to use experience.


As result of the hard work and effort delivered by the Owlet and R/GA team, this project has been awarded with several awards, varying from Cannes Lions, Clio Awards and an MMA Smarties Award