Nike Challenge

UI & UX Design // Art Direction



All the fitness apps focus on tracking on the individual but they are not doing a good job of helping teams, as concluded from market research and exploration of the products. This manifests in the social interactions of the application. With the recent announcement of Apples Healthkit and companion app Health in iOS8, all this data will be stored on a central platform, making most applications based on just displaying the activity or performance obsolete. This gave us opportunities to augment the sport experience for athletes, especially for athletes participating in team sports


The entire process of the thesis was split up into three sections. During these phases I did research on the audience, the competitors and on gaining knowledge about the entire subject. My insights were defined into four categories

Motivation is a very important factor in sports for the simple reason since that is what makes you do what you do. But since every individual is different and reacts different on the situation, there are multiple kinds of motivation. These kinds of motivation are split up in three categories, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation and a-motivation. Each of these factors work in a feedback loop, after activities, the user intrinsically recaps on these activities to see what the results and consequences are.



At the initial start of this research I was exploring the possibilities to augment the sport experience by developing a new wearable sport device/solution which would track the team performance, but due to developments on Nike’s side, which basically terminated the entire wearable hardware devision, this made me shift from the hardware aspect towards a software approach to resolve the problem. 



For the first iterations of the design, the choices were tested as paper prototypes. The designs were printed and laid out in a random order. The respondents were asked to review the individual screens and order them in, for them a logical order.

By using a variety of prototyping tools, several user flows were developed, designed and tested with multiple respondents. The respondents were asked to perform different tasks regarding the different user flows. Try the Prototype




The application focuses on analyzing the players current performance, the growth of these performance and puts this into context in an interactive social platform. During training moments, the activity will be measured and analyzed. After these moments, the players will be provided with notifications and triggers to keep them motivated while sharing their achievements on a social team platform.

This platform is the foundation of the content. This data will be used to create a social team player journal and to give the coach the right information when needed to improve their training days and to stay up to date with the status of the player

Since the application gathers detailed information about the player during physical training moments, it gives either Nike or the Coach the possibility to provide the player with a tailored training program. The application will focus on delivering a simple, fast experience.

To get a clear level of the performance of the players, a calibration time is needed. This could be incorporated in an amount of physical workouts at preseason preparations and with a small kind of survey at the on boarding part of the application. This way a threshold can be created, enabling the application to provide the player with an realistic goal and workload. 


6 months of doing research and designing a solution to the problem came to an end. While reflecting on the experience of writing this thesis I came to the realization that even though it wasn’t easy, that I truly enjoyed the process of writing it. This thesis made me realize  that getting solid insights is the key to a meaningful product.

To keep focus on the research and on the sub questions I tried to skew to a more design-research-iterate kind of approach halfway during the research phase.

This made it possible for me to explore different creative approaches and product while focusing on defining the sub questions.

As result of the deep customer research and creating an high quality, high-fidelity prototype. This thesis was graded as 80/100. If you want to read the entire thesis to get more insights in the process, the results and the research. Use the link to download the entire document
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